By: Barbara Brinks

Serves 10-12

2- 3 oz pkg strawberry jello
2- 3 oz pkg raspberry jello
2- pkg frozen sliced strawberries, partially thawed
1-can crushed pineapple, drained (put in refrigerator to cool)
2-3 large bananas, sliced
Chopped nuts – optional

Filing: (place in bowl and leave out to soften)
1-8oz package cream cheese
½ to ¾ container sour cream

Boil just under 4 cups water. Place in bowl, add jello and stir until dissolved.  Add frozen strawberries, stir until thawed.  Add pineapple and bananas and opt. nuts. 
Pour half of mixture in serving dish.  Place the half mixture in refrigerator (can also go in freezer) to set.  Place the remaining half of mixture in refrigerator.  Mix cream cheese and sour cream until smooth.  Spread over set jello…..Loosen remaining jello and spread over op of filling.  Place in refrigerator till nice and firm. 
Barbara has been making this for 40 years. It can be used as a salad or desert.  Enjoy!