Our Parish Office Hours have gone back to the normal hours of

Monday thru Thursday from 9am to 4pm and

Fridays from 9am to 3pm.

Adoration will also be open all day on Friday.

As members of the St. Barnabas Respect Life Ministry, we deeply believe in the sanctity of every human life from the moment of conception to natural death. As committed Catholics, we belong to a local and universal community that has given consistent witness that all life is to be inherently valued, loved and treasured as a gift from GOD. Because we believe that there is no greater gift, we are called through our ministries to become diligent stewards and defenders of the sanctity of life.

Our patron Saint is Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati.  He lived life to it’s fullest as an adventurer, climbing mountains, skiing, etc.  He came from a wealthy family but shunned it’s lifestyle.  Neither of his parents were Catholic or even the least bit religious, but yet at an early age he felt a strong calling to do the Lords work.  He serviced and ministered to those in the poor areas and to Polio patients.  He contacted polio and died at the age of 24. We chose him as opposed to a St. who died from giving child birth, or a mother, etc....because of his love and appreciation of the gift of life!! He did not waste a moment of that gift!!

40 Days For Life National Prayer Campaign
September 25-November 3

Last Fall over 300 people in the area committed themselves to 40 days of prayer and at least one hour in vigil sometime during the campaign at the American Women’s Services Abortion facility in Toms River on Rt. 37 East. Because of their sacrifices and efforts, at least 8 babies were spared from death when their mother’s reconsidered at the clinic and joyfully announced to participants they were choosing life. During the 40 Days for Life National Campaign you can play an important role in this mission to protect innocent life by donating one hour a week until November 3 Wednesday, 8am-Noon, Thursday Noon-4pm, or Saturday Noon-4pm.  If you are interested please contact the Respect Life Ministry VM at 732-269-2208 X306

Upcoming Events

Respect Life Sunday Prayer Chain
Sunday, October 6th
Women’s Services Abortion facility
651 Route 37 East

Take Rt. 37 West to Mule Road jug handle. After the Jug handle, turn left back on to Rt. 37 East, the facility is between Sovereign bank and PNC bank.

Please join us in peaceful prayer at the Toms River Abortion Clinic for a Life Chain.   Bring your hearts, rosary and prayers for the protection of innocent life in all stages of life from the moment of conception to natural death. For more information please contact the Respect Life Ministry VM at 732-269-2208 X306

March for Life Washington, D.C
Wednesday, January 22nd

Please join the St. Barnabas Parish family on a free bus trip to Washington, D.C to march on our nation’s capital in peaceful prayer for the protection of innocent life.  Be the voice of the voiceless and spend the day letting others know the importance of speaking out against Roe V. Wade, a law which makes abortion legal in this country. We will begin with Mass in the church at 6am and buses roll out at 7am promptly!! It is very much a day worth being a part of. For more information or to sign up for a seat, please contact the Respect Life Ministry VM 732-269-2208 X306. Seats go quick so please don’t wait too long!

Contact Parish Office
732-269-2208 ext 306

 Single Mom’s Committee- This committee supports and nurtures single moms in their role as single parents by offering help when needed along with holding events which provide opportunities for the moms to learn about resources and issues surrounding their lives.  Most especially, offering them an opportunity to gather together in friendship and sisterhood! Committee Head – Terry Pasquarello

Education Committee- This committee is responsible for educating our parish Community on the Respect Life Issues such as abortion, natural family planning, adoption, Families with Special Needs, End of life issues such as Advanced Directives, Assisted Suicides, Caregivers support, etc..

Adoption Committee- Adoption Expo.  About 13 adoption organizations from NJ, NY and PA  were represented and our parish community as well as the surrounding community was able to learn about adoption.  Workshop is called Adoption 101 and will give attendees a general overview of what adoption is and if it fits in their life and that of their families.

End of Life Committee -  Advance Workshops are offered. Head – Marie Dibella

Youth Committee -  It is so critical to start the Respect Life education at an early age!! Young members join in on the March for Life in Washington, and participate in the activities of most of the sub committees.  We are always looking for new member and new ideas! 

Special Needs Families Committee -This committee will deal with the quality of life within Special Needs families. Support to Parents and siblings while educating the parish community on what it’s like to live with special needs breaking through the stigma which most people place on people with disabilities.

Survivors of Suicide - SOS- and Prevention Committee -  This support group  meets monthly in the Parish Office Rectory, for more info please call the Parish Office and ask for Kathy Hoffman's number.  Ext. 100

Legislative Committee - This committee is headed up by Vinnie Gabulaski and is involved in letter writing  campaigns to our Legislators National and State level on all Respect Life Issues.