Our Parish Office Hours have gone back to the normal hours of

Monday thru Thursday from 9am to 4pm and

Fridays from 9am to 3pm.

Adoration will also be open all day on Friday.


Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is accepting donations from anyone seeking to help the victims of Hurricane Dorian with immediate assistance.  Those who wish to donate to assist families and people affected by the devastating storm, please go to www.crs.org and follow the directions there.  Let’s not forget to pray for the victims of Hurricane Dorian.

NO LONGER referred to as “Last Rites,” the sick may request this anointing at any time they feel the need for God’s grace and healing love. During the year we have communal celebrations of Anointing during Lent and Advent at Mass. This is announced beforehand in the Sunday Bulletin. At Community Medical Center this sacrament is celebrated by the Catholic Chaplain. At the nursing station the sick person or a family member should ask that the Chaplain be called. Do not wait until the person is near death. The Sacrament is not only for the terminally ill but for any and all the sick.

Contact Parish Office
732-269-2208 ext 333