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The actual details regarding the Marriage Rite of the Catholic Church are the last thing we will plan together.  Before this discussion takes place there is much to talk about regarding the couple’s relationship with each other and God, plans for a future family, communication etc. 
At the Third Session the Liturgy planning will take place only after the couple has carefully and prayerfully discussed the actual ceremony. 
The celebration of the Rite of Marriage belongs to the Church at large.  Although there is some flexibility within the Rite, it must be in accordance with Liturgical and Diocesan guidelines.  All sacramental celebrations belong to the community of the Church, so it is not simply about the couple.  In choosing St. Barnabas for your wedding, we assume you agree with our policies presented here.  We thank you for your cooperation as we work together for the beauty and sanctity of your wedding ceremony.
In order for the liturgy to fully reflect its religious and spiritual nature, we encourage you to invite family members, friends, or members of your wedding party to take special roles during the celebration.