Our Parish Summer Office Hours are

Monday thru Thursday from 9am to 3pm and 

Fridays from 9am to 12 Noon


  • The date should be arranged with the Church FIRST before any reception plans are made.
  • All Wedding plans need to be approved by a priest or deacon from St. Barnabas Parish
  • Readings:  You may have two readings from Scripture read by friends or relatives. The Prayer of the Faithful may also be read by friends or relatives.  The priest will read the Gospel.  So you need to choose 3 people to read. Since Scripture must be heard and understood, the person (s) you choose should have a strong and articulate speaking voice. 
  • If you are having a Mass you may ask 2 people to bring up the Offertory Gifts (bread and wine).
  • If you include children in your wedding party we ask that they be at least five years old.  If they carry rings they should carry props, the real rings should be held by the Best Man or Maid of Honor.  It is strongly advised that the couple exercise good judgment when making their choice regarding the involvement of children.  Weddings and public display can be traumatic to some children.  Care should be taken when deciding where the child will sit during the service.  Younger children should be seated in a pew with a parent or another relative.  Please make informed and prudent choices in determining how best to involve children in the wedding party. This day should focus on the couple and the Sacrament, it is not meant to be about anything else.

Visiting Priests and Deacons:  Priests and Deacons from outside St. Barnabas are most welcome.  They need to be delegated by our pastor and have a letter from their Diocesan Chancery indicating that they are in good standing.  They are asked to respect the practice of the celebration of weddings at St. Barnabas. 

Witnesses:  At least one witness (the BEST MAN and MAID OR MATRON OF HONOR) must be a practicing Catholic according to Church law.