Our Parish Summer Office Hours are

Monday thru Thursday from 9am to 3pm and 

Fridays from 9am to 12 Noon


The flowers used for your wedding should be in accordance with the Church environment and Liturgical Season. Please inform your florist that nothing should be moved that is already in the Church or Sanctuary.  The flowers which are placed in the Church are considered a DONATION to St. Barnabas and should remain in the Church after your wedding.  If you wish to take your flowers with you, please inform the priest or deacon so we can plan on replacing them for the weekend Masses.  Please also remind your florist that any bows or floral pieces that are placed on pews that use glue, tape, or wire cannot be used.  Rubber bands or pipe cleaners can be used.  Flowers are NOT to be placed on the Altar Table itself.  Arbors, gates, trellises, gazebos, lanterns and torches or any other architectural or garden structures are also prohibited.

A WEDDING CANDLE OR UNITY CANDLE is permitted during Weddings at St. Barnabas, but it must be provided by the couple and brought to the rehearsal.  We recommend that such candles be used at the reception as well to connect what happened in Church to the ongoing celebration and party afterwards. 

The principal symbols of the Sacrament of Marriage are the Exchange of Consent (vows) and Rings.  Over the years, other secondary symbols have overshadowed these two key elements of Marriage.  The Wedding Candle is not a part of the Roman Catholic Rite of Marriage, but we do allow it if you so wish.  We suggest that when a Unity or Wedding Candle is used that parents light the taper candles as they are being seated before the ceremony begins, then the couple may light the center candle after they exchange their vows.