Our Parish Summer Office Hours are

Monday thru Thursday from 9am to 3pm and 

Fridays from 9am to 12 Noon


St. Barnabas parish is a Stewardship Community, meaning we recognize that all we are and everything we have comes from God, thus we respond in deep gratitude with the generous sharing of our time, talent and treasure. 

In a parish as large as ours, it is challenging to build a strong spirit of community, but we take great strides to be a welcoming and hospitable community and we invite your active participation. Our parish is not about just 'coming to church' but being connected, being involved and and living Stewardship! 

The variety of  programs, outreach, committees, and ministries described in the Ministries section of our web site are intended to serve you, include you, and to meet your spiritual and social needs.  But a commitment to stewardship calls us to put our faith in action and to use our God given gifts and talents to serve Him.  We encourage you to examine each listing and decide where your gifts and talents may be called and which ministry you might find most fulfilling. Your input will be greatly appreciated and your hands will be most welcome!

                                          Stewardship is . . .

not a program . . . but a way of life.
not an activity . . . it is an attitude.
not the latest fad . . . it is biblically based.
not a way to raise money . . . but a way to attain holiness.
not just a decision of the head . . . but a conversion of the heart.
not an option . . . but integral to our Catholic faith.
not another thing to do . . . but why and how we do what we do.
not about our generosity . . . about our response to God’s generosity.
what you do after you say, “I believe”.

The St. Barnabas Stewardship Prayer:

Generous God,

We give thanks to you for the gifts you have given us, 

our lives, families, friends, time, talent, and material possessions.  

All that we have comes from you. 

Help us to remember this and walk in your goodness.


Walk with us Lord. 

Help us on our spiritual journey, 

so that we may constantly renew our relationship with you 

as a community in our believing, belonging and becoming.


Give us the strength and courage to become better followers 

and disciples of Jesus, who lives and reigns with you 

and the Holy spirit, one God forever and ever. 



Thank you to all those who share 

their gifts of Time, Talent, and Treasure 

with our Parish Community, St. Barnabas. 

We are blessed by you!